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The G.I. Lean Programme is based on 4 easy principles.


<p>The G.I. Lean Programme is based on 4 easy principles.</p>

Try the 7 day low GI diet

Turn your body from a being a “fat maker” into a “fat burner” in just 7 days with G.I. Lean’s scientifically formulated supplements and the
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Be an Egg-Head!

Be an Egg-Head!

The poor, misunderstood “incredible, edible egg”. Over the years, this nutrition powerhouse has acquired a bruised reputation from reports they contribute to raised cholesterol. Like other pieces of information associated with cholesterol, avoiding eggs is off the mark. Eggs stand alone in beneficial elements. Here are some excellent reasons to justify why eating eggs can make you healthier, brainier, leaner and stronger. [...]

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Chubby Chums

Could the people you spend the most time with be making you fat? Studies have shown that overeating, lack of exercise, genes and hormones are not the only factors to blame if you are overweight! Your friends, work colleagues, family, husband or boyfriend could very well be to blame! You shouldn’t be surprised that the [...]

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Fight Fatigue – How to avoid those energy slumps!

So you are sitting at your desk at 2 o’ clock in the afternoon and your eyelids are starting to get heavy, it takes all your will power, and two cups of coffee, to prevent you from slipping into a deep slumber. It is strange because you had plenty sleep the night before, how irritating! [...]

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Spring Panic! Get in shape before the end of Spring and Summer begins.

Spring Panic! Get in shape before the end of Spring and Summer begins.

As we enter another Spring, our panic levels begin to rise. Summer dresses, bikinis and shorts are soon to be expected. Our bodies are soon to be on display unable to be hidden behind winter layered clothing. We need to get going on our weight loss and body shaping goals before its too late! Time [...]

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The Mighty Metabolism

The Mighty Metabolism

Starving yourself to lose weight is not the answer! You need to boost your metabolism. What is a metabolism? Your metabolism is a complex combination of enzymes and hormones and it controls the speed at which your body burns and uses food. The key to permanent and effective fat loss is to speed up your [...]

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